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Artists we work with:


Clemzie J

dj / producer

Clemzie J is devoted to house music, prefers vocal, deep, funky and tech house. He likes to experiment with music and different sounds, which results in his unique and smooth DJ sets and well defined sound production.



dj / producer / audio engineer

FFrika has been a DJ for more than a decade. He developed a very particular taste for house music that goes a little deep. He's into specific sounds which can be found in his music production as well as in his DJ sets.


Lea Likar


Lea is inspired by life stories which she loves to share with other people via her favourite medium – a song. Her soft soul and strong temperament have brought her to genre-diverse cooperation with established Slovene musicians. Seven of her singles have been aired by radio stations, and she has featured at all major Slovene festivals as a soloist or back vocalist.


Matej Sušnik


Matej is one of the most established Slovene studio and session guitarists and guitar teachers. He has played with numerous Slovene performers and producers. As a founding member of the group called I.C.E., he has also drawn attention as a songwriter and producer.


Grega Robič


Grega made a start in his music career about 20 years ago. He began by playing keyboards, later he switched to playing bass guitar. Through his 20-year experience in performing topped by his 10-year experience in song-writing, producing, and audio engineering, he has developed skills vital for work in audio industry.

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